Friday, August 28, 2009

Knitting at the Canastota Library

The Canastota Public Library is always bustling on Friday morning.  We have our regular patrons in and out of the library to select new books for the weekend ahead or to pick out a new video or two. In these late days of summer, we have children stopping in to get that last book to read before school starts!  We also have regulars who come to the library to read the local newspapers!

 But, Friday is busy for another reason also.  That's when about 15 - 20 area women meet in our Lawson Community Room to knit.  The Canastota Public Library knitters began meeting a little over a year ago at the library.  The group works on specific projects together and often bring in sweaters, socks or other items that they are knitting for themselves or to be given away as gifts.  The group is dedicated to helping each other learn new techniques and loves to teach others to knit.   The group is open to anyone each Friday from 10am until around noon.

With yarn, needles, breakfast goodies, coffee, tea and enthusiasm, the knitters arrive at the library in a boisterous, happy mood!  As well as having fun and good conversation, the knitters work tirelessly for the community.  They have knitted cat's blankets and donated them to the Wanderer's Rest Humane Society in Canastota.  Patients at the Veteran's Hospital in Syracuse and local shut-ins have received lap blankets made with love from the group.  The knitters have also made baby hats for the Oneida HealthCare Center for newborns and helmet inserts for soldiers serving in the military.

The Canastota Knitters would love to welcome you to the group---whether you are an accomplished knitter or someone who is interested in learning the craft!  No appointment is necessary if you are interested in joining, just grab your yarn, needles and enthusiasm and come to the library any Friday morning at 10am.  The knitters meet on the lower level of the library in the Lawson Community Room!   

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Canastota Public Library Bountiful Harvest Time

It's the end of the summer here at the library. The summer reading program has come to an end and we are gearing up for a wonderful autumn and back to school season.

Although it has been a wet summer, several patrons have started to stop by with gifts from their gardens. The staff at the library has been blessed with zucchini, tomatoes and cabbage. We're all looking for great recipes and new ways to use these fabulous harvest bounties. Angela recently took home a zucchini and came back with a mock apple pie using zucchini rather than apples. It was a wonderful apple pie!!!!

If you are looking for new ways to serve your garden favorites, check out our recipe book section on the main level of the library. We have a great selection of books on preserving your harvest including canning, smoking and freezing. Our recipe books also include different variations of recipes.

If you can't find anything you are looking for in that section, let your feet carry you to the periodical room where we have over 150 subscriptions to magazines and newspapers. We carry a wide range of cooking magazines including Cooking Light, Cooking for Two, Cook's Country and more!

We hope to see you this week....Among The the Canastota Public Library