Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

I love to sleep.  Sleeping in and sipping a steaming cup 'o joe on my deck is a spring and summer ritual for me. This time of year it is especially wonderful.  My husband filled all the bird feeders during a warm spell last week and the bluejays, cardinals, wrens and finches are visiting us in droves! 

This morning, alas, I was not able to sleep leisurely.  A friend, who also happens to be a library patron, decided that spring brings with it a new physically fit Beth.  Although I didn't want to admit it, she is right.  All of the health magazines and women's magazines that I am reading tell me that I need to get in shape.  Exercising will help me to decrease my blood pressure.  Eating healthier portions with more fruits and vegetables will help my cholesterol numbers to drop.  But, most of all, the winter blues that I get should diminish as I begin to exercise more both at the gym and outside. 

Today, my regiment began.  I was ordered to be up, walking, dressed for the gym and waiting in my driveway at 5:10am.  At that time, a blue van with my chaffeur and exercise partner, Lisa, would pick me up for our appointment.  Holy Toledo!  I didn't realize that anyone actually got up at that hour, let alone exercised.  Are people really that crazy, I thought?  Yes, they are.  My alarm jarred me at 5am.  I was up, dressed, walking but definitely not awake!  We made it to the gym and had to look for a parking place!!!!  I was amazed at all the other folks who are up, exercising and SMILING.  I did about 25 minutes on the treadmill and another 20 on various weights to tone what once was a size 2 body.  And, although I will never admit it to my friend Lisa, I rather enjoyed getting up and going early.   My day started so much more productively than usual. 

I guess some of my spring mornings will now be spent at the gym.  So, that leaves the deck and all those wonderful birds for my evenings, after dinner.  I bet the birds are still feeding then.  You'll find me there with a new bestseller and my cinnamon scented coffee.

Happy Spring everyone!