Monday, January 11, 2010

Potato Chip Scarves

Potato Chip Scarves?

          What can be better in the winter than a nice warm colorful scarf to keep the wind from swooping down into your coat?  I can't think of anything, personally.  And, if you like knitting, you'll love Potato Chip Scarves.  The Canastota Public Library Knitters recently completed their latest project, “Potato Chip Scarves.”

          “They just look like the chips that come out of those cans and they are really delightful,” noted Eleanor Bajohr of the Knitters Group.

          With an average of fifteen to twenty knitters attending meetings to knit every Friday morning at the Canastota Public Library, the knitters are just coming up to their second anniversary! They are very proud of their donations to various organizations in the community. During this past year, the knitters created preemie hats, hats and booties for the newborns at the Oneida HealthCare Center. They also knitted caps, scarves, mittens and slipper socks that were donated to the Opportunity Shop in Canastota. This year, sixteen lap robes were donated to area shut-ins.

          The Canastota Library Knitters meet every Friday morning at the Canastota Public Library at 102 W. Center Street in Canastota. The meetings run from 10am until noon. Everyone is welcomed to attend. If you are interested in learning to knit or an accomplished knitter, feel free to stop in for one of the Friday meetings. Additionally, the knitters group always appreciates donations for their projects.

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