Wednesday, June 2, 2010


     When Nat King Cole sings “roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer”, it sure gets me thinking about all the summer days when I would curl up on the chaise lounge on our front porch. That was my favorite place to go to read a book! The porch was shaded and even on the warmest day; I could feel a slight breeze.

     If you are having a lazy day this summer, or thinking about going on vacation, you could probably use a good book to read. I hope you will remember that the Canastota Friends of the Library has an on-going book sale! The books and other materials for sale are set up in the computer area and the adjacent space at the library. Stop by any day that we are opened to check out the selection of paperbacks (Just 5 for $1) or hardcover books (either $1 or $3). We also have a selection of cds, dvds and videos that you can peruse. These are great for taking on vacation to the beach or just for some light reading after dinner.

     Some of us seem too crazy busy to stop and read a book. It that is you, you’ll want to check out MYaudio2go from the Mid-York Library System and the public libraries of Oneida, Madison and Herkimer Counties. MYaudio2go allows you to access hundreds of audio books from your home computer, twenty-four hours a day, seven days each week! MYaudio2go allows you the freedom to enjoy audio books, anytime, anywhere. It allows you to borrow audio books even when your library is closed and there is no need to worry about fines because the file becomes unplayable on the computer when the loan period ends. The service gives you access to bestsellers and classic literature and is jointly funded by the Mid-York Library System and its forty-three member libraries.

     To try out the service, go to and click on the link for digital audio. Go to the web site and install the free software. Browse for a book or search for a favorite author. Check the audio book out using your library card. Download the file and enjoy listening to the book on your PC or transfer the file to a compatible device to enjoy on the go.

     With all of us so busy these days, even during lazy, hazy and the crazy days of summer, the Canastota Library is here to meet our needs. Whether you are like me, and enjoy having the book physically in your hand; like my husband who enjoys audio tapes or like the kids who are really interested in using the MYaudio2go, the library is a great resource in the community! I’ll see you there. And, if I’m not working, you’ll find me on the porch at home, reading.

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