Friday, August 20, 2010

It's All About Learning

 Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. ~Chinese Proverb

     When thinking about writing this blog, I came across the proverb listed above. The quote helped me to remember how important learning is to all of us. When we stop learning, we stop living! There are various ways that we “learn”. Our libraries are full of books on a variety of subjects and can help us to keep our minds humming. Additionally, our local libraries are able to offer new learning opportunities for many in the community.

     The proverb also reminded me that school will be starting very soon! This time of year for many children and adults is a time of renewal. The summer is almost gone and we begin thinking about what we will do with our fall and winter free time. At the Canastota Public Library, we are doing the very same thing. This is the time of year when we plan our programming efforts, engage speakers, recruit volunteers to assist with programs and activities and motivate ourselves for a great fall and winter season at the library!

      It is sometimes difficult to decide what types of programs and activities we should offer at the library. Would patrons be interested in joining our book club, hearing about a specific topic, learning a new craft or skill? With so many patrons and so many different ideas and avenues to explore, our late summer efforts can get crazy!

     In past years, we have offered crafts for kids, various teen activities and our Lap Sit and Story Time programs. For adults, we have invited local authors to do book readings and signings and have had speakers on topics including The Underground Railroad, Hiking the Appalachian Trail, and Preparing for Community Emergencies. Our crafts for adults have included recycled crafts, holiday crafting, and decorating for the holidays.

     While we will continue to offer our popular Lap Sit, Story Time and Libra-teen program, we are always looking for interesting topics and activities for adults. If you have any suggestions or ideas on what types of programming you would like to see the library offer this year or in future years, please comment on this blog. Your help will be greatly appreciated! At the Canastota Public Library, we want to be a conduit to the treasures of your life.

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