Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Biggest Library Book Sale Ever!

The Friends of the Canastota Public Library will hold their Annual Book Sale to benefit the library on October 20 -22, 2011.  The doors for this event will open at 9am on Thursday, October 20th.

Last year, the queue for opening day snaked all the way out to the middle of the library's parking lot. In amazement, the staff watched the line lengthen and then remain at a constant for the better part of the morning.  Everyone seemed happy to wait in line to get some wonderful gems at this sale!

 I was able to purchase books for holiday gifts which looked brand new!  My children and husband always get at least one new book from me as a Christmas present.  If I recall correctly, my husband received some Sci Fi novels and at least one Dean Koontz novel that he hadn't read yet!  My daughter's book was written by Jodi Picoult. I remember finding my sons books by authors that they enjoyed as well!

This year, we are hoping the annual sale will be an even bigger event than in the past.  I already have my shopping list prepared.  I have some book requests from family and some friends.  My sister-in-law even gave me a list of some books she is looking to purchase. 

With prices extremely low, everything at the sale is priced to go!  The sale will include a great selection of books, both hard cover and paperback as well as fiction and non fiction.  I know past years have revealed a large amount of cook books--everyone's favorite!  The coffee table books always amaze me whether they are architectural or artsy, I love perusing these books at the annual sale.  The sale will also include VHS tapes, DVDs, audio tapes and CDs.  A highlight of this annual sale has always been the raffle baskets!  The Friends prepare raffles for this event including theme baskets which will surely tickle someone's fancy!  Library commemorative items, such as book bag totes and note cards will also be available at the sale. 

As always, the last day of the sale, Saturday, will be Bag Day.  For the cost of a tote or environmentally friendly sack, you can fill your tote with as many books as it will hold!  Talk about a bargain! 

I hope you will try to attend this event to support our Canastota Public Library.  The money raised through this sale is used to benefit the library's ongoing programs and our collections.  In previous years, some of the money has also been used to enhance the building itself!  The Friends have been able to purchase new blinds and curtains for the Carnegie Room, a dishwasher for the Lawson Community Room and the group has assisted in the purchase of laptop computers that patrons may use throughout the library.  A portion of the funds raised last year was donated by the Friends to the Library's Endowment Fund. 

This is the ONE ANNUAL community fundraiser that supports the Canastota Public Library!  READ ON!

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