Monday, January 23, 2012


How do you stay up to date on current events? Do you read a newspaper? Listen to the evening news? Or, perhaps you read the news online? Today, we are bombarded by different media keeping us current with the latest in politics, science, entertainment, war, peace, religion and more. We are even able to play games online or via our cellular phones in real time! You can text anyone at anytime and generally reach them and receive an almost immediate response.

I find that lately, I am attached to my cell phone, my iPod, my kindle fire, my car radio, television and computer far more than I ever have been in my life. If my battery for any of these items runs low, I am in fear that people won’t be able to reach me in an emergency. I worry that I might miss something of national or international importance. I might not learn who won American Idol this year! As the onslaught of information bombards me daily, I feel more and more irritable and anxious.

Last week, a friend was telling me that her daughter was on a “silent” retreat. This experience, through her college, was one in which there was no verbal communication. There were no cell phones, televisions, radios or computers. Cell phones were checked at the door as were other forms of electronics. The students gathered several times a day for song and they could speak to the counselor who was assigned to them during this weeklong retreat.

As my friend was telling me about this experience, I kept thinking, “I want to be there!” I remember life without all these electronics. It seems simpler and a bit happier then. Life didn’t seem so complicated. I guess I miss those days.

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