Monday, September 10, 2012

NYS Sets Standards for Digital Literacy

           New York State recently set standards for Digital Literacy and has asked libraries to assist in helping people become digitally literate.  Literacy represents a person's ability to read, write and solve problems using both spoken and written language.  Digital literacy is the ability to apply those same skills using technology such as computers, ebook readers and smartphones. 
          Being digitally literate allows people to interact using the tools and technologies that are increasingly being used at home, in school and in businesses.  For example, a digitally literate person can:
  • Communicate with family, friends, coworkers and prospective employers via digital technology
  • Search for information including advice related to health care 
  • Confidently engage in online banking and online shopping
  • Use technology to complete job applications and other online forms
  • Understand how information is accessed and transferred using various digital devices
          The Canastota Public Library can help you learn the technological skills to perform all of these activities.  With qualified staff and volunteers available, we hold regular classes or can tailor a specific training to meet your individual needs.  Please stop by and talk to one of our staffmembers or call us today! 

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