Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Renovations @ The Canastota Public Library


     As you may have heard, the Canastota Public Library's second floor is under renovations!  Thanks to the generosity of anonymous donors as well as the gifts from several of our library's clubs (the Bridge Party Group, The Knitters and The Friends of the Library), we are getting a facelift!  The facelift is long overdue as it's been about thirty years since the room has been updated.

     Two weeks ago, our staff began the process of boxing up our books in the Children's area and the teen area of the library.  That took us about a week.  We then pulled apart the old metal shelving units and they were donated to another library within our Mid-York Library System who had a need for them.

    Last week, the painters came in and painted the room a nice soft colored green!  We thought the room looked so much bigger once the shelves and books were moved out to the Carnegie Room.  And, the new color just adds so much to the room.  Following the painting, the old carpeting was pulled to reveal beautiful hard wood underneath our feet.  So, we have workers coming in this week to start refinishing the floor to bring it back to its' original luster.

     What will the changes be?  We had some of the old wooden bookcases removed and are having them rehabbed into window seats that will have book storage in their bases.  Our walls are crisp and clean with fresh paint. We purchased rolling book shelves for our books so that we can use the room as a multi-purpose room for presentations and parties.  We are having the floors refinished.  Our Toddler and Children's Area will be moved to a far corner, away from the staircase and our Teen Area will move into the main room.  The former Teen Room will become a meeting room and will be available for tutoring or general meetings.

     We are hopeful that our renovations will be complete by the end of August and the new area will be open just after Labor Day.  Our Facebook page will chronicle the changes as they happen if you'd like to watch our progress. 

     The Canastota Public Library is open during this renovation.  A selection of Children and Teen books are available on the first floor and we are happy to help you find other books that you may need during this renovation process.  We are hopeful that the renovations will continue to meet the needs of our patrons for many years to come!   

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