Monday, December 30, 2013

Book Look: "A Good Knight and an Ordinary Day" by Dawn Eddy

Take a Look at this New Book!

          Author, Dawn Eddy has written a children’s book in the hope of impacting her readers to live lives filled with compassion and valor.  Eddy, who hails from the Oneida area has published, “A Good Knight and an Ordinary Day” with Tate Publishing.  The book is geared towards children, ages 4 – 10 years old.

          “I thought about that book for more than fifteen years,” Eddy noted.  “It wasn’t until after my friend, who was diagnosed with cancer, encouraged me to write the book that I actually did just that.”
Eddy signed the contract for the book the same day her friend had cancer surgery.  It was also Eddy’s son, Christopher’s birthday.

          “A Good Knight and an Ordinary Day” is a book about a young boy, Christopher, who tries to make the right choices in his life.  Based on Ephesians 3 from the Bible, Eddy’s book inspires children to wear their invisible armor every day for God.  Their shield is their faith in God.  Their helmet and sword help children to fight for God’s word and to live their life the right way.

          “So many children go through life today not understanding their purpose and never hearing about God’s Word from the Bible.” Eddy said.  She mentioned that this book is to help kids to understand that they have a purpose—just the way they are—in ordinary days and times.  Eddy used true stories from son Christopher’s life to illustrate how children have a purpose.

          There are two more books in Eddy’s series that are in the planning stages.  Each book is for one of her children.  They will also be published by Tate Publishing. The next book is titled, “Tomorrow’s Knight” and is for Eddy’s daughter, Brandy.  “A Good Knight to be Fearless” is the third in the series and will be for Eddy’s son, Mitchell.

          Eddy is also working on a Young Adult manuscript titled, “Echoes in the Night”. 

          The book, “A Good Knight and an Ordinary Day” by Dawn Eddy is available on Amazon.     

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